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Mississippi River Bridge

Missouri Department of Transportation
St. Louis, Missouri

The new interstate 70 interchange is a critical component of the New Mississippi River Bridge (MRB) project that creates a new gateway between Illinois and Missouri that provides better connections to and through St. Louis. CMT was the lead firm on the design of the I-70 interchange located in downtown St. Louis. The new interchange also provides a new gateway into the downtown area opening up opportunities for economic revitalization.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) had high expectations for this project that was charged with providing a safe, cost-efficient design that would meet the needs of the region. CMT met and exceeded MoDOT's goals by utilizing innovative methods to reduce construction costs, maintain the overall project intent and provide a quality design that would serve the public well. Unique methods were incorporated into the design process, such as a one-day Practical Design Workshop that helped identify and implement significant cost savings (28%) into the design. The project involved extensive stakeholder coordination. A consolidated project office assisted the design team to make quick decisions and helped meet a fast-tracked schedule on this highly complex design. CMT's diversity initiatives including mentor-protege' approach resulted in a high level of meaningful participation by minority and other disadvantaged firms. This success contributed to CMT being recognized as 2013 Consultant of the Year by MoDOT's Diversity Division.