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Unique Challenges in Site Development
New WalMart Supercenter

Evansville, Indiana

CMT has developed a comfortable rapport with the world's largest retailer, having worked on more than 50 Walmart projects. The site for the new Walmart Supercenter in Evansville, Indiana, however, presented some unique challenges.

The site fell under both city and county jurisdiction and required extensive coordination to obtain approval for necessary road improvements. Limited space also required a creative parking lot layout that would comply with city and county ordinances. A 25-foot retaining wall was constructed along the back of the store, along with retaining walls on the east and northeast portions of the site, to meet Walmart's stringent slope limits on a site that had 40 feet of relief across it. In addition, a drainage easement had to be acquired with an adjacent property owner who had a pond downstream from the site.

Despite the unusual conditions, the project came in under budget.