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Site Development - New WalMart Supercenter

Avon, Indiana

A key component of a well-executed land development project is simply being a good neighbor. Access to the property Walmart purchased for a new supercenter was limited to one driveway off of the adjacent highway that had to be shared with adjoining residential development. CMT worked with adjacent land owners, other developers, state and local government, and adjacent businesses to come up with roadway designs that addressed everyone's needs.

The project consisted of complete civil design, including stormwater drainage, roadway and intersection designs, sanitary sewer and water permits, geotechnical, environmental, water supply evaluations, pavement design, and regulatory negotiations.

CMT also responded when the town of Avon decided to annex the development site after designs were nearly complete. Additonal negotiations with the town and necessary redesigns of some drainage and road elements ensured that the project was in compliance with local regulations