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Fifth Street Gateway

St. Charles, Missouri

Based on the Complete Streets model, the $10.4M Fifth Street Gateway Improvement Project will improve accessibility to Downtown St. Charles and create an attractive entrance for the City coming from I-70. In addition to enhancing aesthetics, the project improves traffic flow and safety while promoting pedestrian activity.

CMT, along with assistance from Vector Communications, led a public engagement process during the planning phase. Getting buy-in from businesses was essential to educate them on how the long-term benefits would outweigh short-term construction challenges. Citizen input was sought on roadway and streetscape improvements ranging from decorative streetlights, plantings, trees, greenspace and bicycle accommodations.

Additionally, Development Strategies conducted market analysis and made strategic and land use recommendations for the Fifth Street Corridor project. Strategic recommendations included changing land use regulation to allow for housing development along Fifth Street and creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment throughout the corridor.