Our Mission

CMT's mission is to provide superior professional engineering services that are responsive to our clients' needs and expectations, while maintaining a work environment that fosters growth and development for our employees. To accomplish this Mission, we, as members of the CMT Team, commit to the following guiding principles:


We believe that professional and personal integrity is the foundation that all other values are based upon. It means being honest, up-front and accountable to the commitments we make. We will be an example, both as individuals and as a firm, that others want to model.

Project Excellence

We believe that excellence should be the trademark associated with each service and project we deliver. Whether through innovation or efficient processes, superior value is achieved.

Client Relationships

Clients are the reason we exist. We believe that developing, nurturing and sustaining relationships are essential to satisfying our clients. Their satisfaction begins with an acute awareness of their needs and expectations, and is achieved as these needs and expectations are fully met.


We recognize that only through successful teamwork can we achieve our mission and expand our boundaries. We believe our strengths and potential lie not in individual, departmental or regional prominence, but rather in a spirit of cooperation, respect and encouragement.


We believe all employees should be treated equitably and with an open mind, free from favoritism or bias. To sustain an environment where people desire to work and excel, we will recognize performance and address non-performance.

Individual Opportunity

We recognize that people are our most important asset and that achieving individual growth contributes to fulfilling our firm's vision. We will endeavor to provide opportunity for career development of our employees.


We believe we are stewards of society’s infrastructure.  By incorporating sustainability principles into our daily practices and projects, we understand that our work can improve the quality of life and the availability of natural, economic and social resources of our communities