CMT provides competitive compensation and benefits to its employees

401(k) Plan and Matching Contribution
Employees can contribute to a retirement plan through tax deferred payroll reductions and CMT will match a percentage of that contribution.

Profit Sharing-Retirement Contributions
CMT makes an annual contribution to eligible employees’ retirement accounts based on annual profits.

Profit Sharing-Cash Bonus
In addition to the retirement account contribution, eligible employees receive a year-end cash bonus based on annual profits.

Medical Insurance
CMT offers medical group health insurance plans for salaried employees after 30 days of employment.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employees can elect to have a portion of their pre-tax salary placed into flexible spending accounts that can be used to cover costs for out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision care, daycare, employee education, and public transportation.

Life and Disability Insurance
Fully paid life and disability insurance is provided to salaried employees after 30 days of employment.

Professional Registration and Education
CMT strongly encourages professional registration, and will allow time off and expense reimbursement for the purpose of taking registration exams. Eligible tuition costs for course work related to the firm’s business may also be reimbursed.

Home Computer Program
CMT will provide interest-free loans to salaried employees for the purpose of purchasing a computer for their home.

Paid Time Off
Full-time employees receive fully compensated Paid Time Off (PTO) in accordance with their length of service. PTO can be used for vacations, holidays, illness, personal leave, or emergencies.

Optional Work Schedule
Upon approval, employees can elect to take off every other Friday or Monday by working extended hours during the other work days.