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Ongoing Planning Services

Midway International Airport, Chicago, IL

CMT provides a full range of planning and engineering services to O’Hare and Midway Airports for the Chicago Department of Aviation. At Midway, CMT has been providing planning assistance to help maximize the airport’s limited airfield facilities to the highest extent possible, while addressing new FAA Airport Design Standards including airfield geometry.

These planning initiatives are targeted specifically at maximizing what is one of the most physically constrained commercial service airports in the nation. As part of a comprehensive ALP update, FAA is requiring the development of a Modification of Standards (MOS) justification package to identify a host of non-standard conditions and to develop reasonable mitigation actions to address non-standard conditions. CMT has conducted an assessment of the airfield in accordance with new FAA Airport Design Standards and has identified over 100 non-standard conditions, which must be addressed through documentation, the development of reasonable mitigation strategies, and comprehensive stakeholder coordination. A significant number of non-standard conditions are associated with the existing airfield geometry configuration. Non-standard conditions at Midway encompass of number of FAA airfield design considerations. CMT has developed airfield “concepts/alternatives” that include a wide range of options from limiting mitigation actions to high priority non-standard locations to comprehensive taxiway reconfigurations to address a significant number of non-standard locations. To assist in the decision making process, CMT will develop an alternatives benchmark matrix which will take into consideration multiple factors.